Clarifications to the sellers is an online marketplace website where the business involves 4 parties –


(1)    The marketplace operator (Chiranjit International)

(2)    the Supplier (manufacturer/wholesaler who may or may not be a drop-shipper),

(3)    the Seller, (You) and

(4)    the Buyer.


The Marketplace operator provides an all-inclusive and easy to handle Website which all the other parties use for the purpose of carrying on the business.


The Seller sells products and earning money -


•    without a material shop

•    without a purchase

•    even when sleeping

•    by just managing and tracking the orders placed on the marketplace and

•    fixing up his own margin of profit


The Supplier chosen by the Marketplace operator lists products on the website on behalf of the Seller (or the Seller himself chooses Supplier and uploads his products in case he opts so) and delivers the products direct to the Buyer whose order(s) to buy the product on the Website are intimated to the Supplier by the Seller-


•    without bothering to send bulk deliveries to a retailer

•    without bothering the expenditure on advertisement

•    without bothering to form a network of the retailer for his product


The Buyer buys the product on the Website –


•    without taking the pain to physically go to a shop

•    without physical currency

•    without spending much time and energy


The Supplier and the Seller earn the profit as per their own profit margin.

The Buyer gets the products worthy of what he pays.

The Marketplace operator earns the commission to those transactions that place in the Marketplace.


Now, you know what happens in the marketplace


Become one of the founder-sellers of marketplace.


You are further clarified on the following questions:


What is special in


The unique feature in is that you can select the niche of the product, get them uploaded on the Marketplace for FREE and sell the product FOR PROFIT!


What are the eligibility criteria to register as a Seller?


For individual-




Bank Account

Address proof

IE Code (Only when you opt to sell outside India)


Is there any charge for selling on


No, it is free! Marketplace operator earns a small amount of commission for the transactions held on the Website.


Is a website necessary?


No. On registration and following verification and approval process, You will be given a seller’s page and a seller’s dashboard to catalog, promote your products, and manage and track your orders.


How selling and receiving payments works on


There are two options for the Seller to be which kind of Seller. 

Option-1: (the Seller as producer or manufacturer has physical stock of the products) 

On a Buyer placing an order on the Website, the Seller of this kind is notified through an email. The seller shall also check-up daily in his dashboard on the website. He shall keep the ordered product packed and ready for pick up by the shippers appointed by him or by the Marketplace operator as the case may be. He may also leave the responsibility of packing and delivery with the drop-shipper with whom the Seller might have a contract. The Seller, in any case, shall monitor the status of the delivery process. On the Buyer’s acknowledging the receipt of the product, the Marketplace operator gets informed. 

Option-2: (the Seller need not stock the products but is in contract with drop-shippers) 

The Seller who chooses this option shall be in contract with a drop-shipper. On a Buyer placing an order on the Website, the Seller alerts the drop shipper through an email or by placing an order on the drop shipper’s website. The drop-shipper delivers the product to the Buyer and informs the delivery of the product.


In most cases, the Buyer pays money for the order he places just before he places the order. The payment to the Seller will be released within 3 days from the date of receipt of the confirmation of receipt of the product from the Buyer. In case the product was delivered outside India, the payment will be released within 15 days from the date of confirmation from the Buyer. 

How does the Seller upload products? 

It is easy to list products on the Market-place Website. Every Seller will be provided with a user id and password with which he can enter dashboard and product managing pages to upload his products. A step by step guide to list products will be offered free of cost. 

How can I prepare a catalog for my products? 

There may be a lot of agencies to do this work. But, don’t go after trends! Be a trend-setter!! Use a quality camera or a cameraman to prepare your catalog! If you are under contract with a drop-shipper you may get a catalog of products from drop-shipper.  

How can I determine my selling price or the listed price? 

The following are the expenses involved: 

Purchase expenditure


Shipping and delivery

Incidental charge (maybe 1 or 2%)

Marketplace commission (variable based on the product) and


Listed price appears on the product page on the website. To the total of the above-listed expenses add the profit to arrive at the listed price. 

You may take or leave any of the above expenditure based on the applicability to your choice of selling and fix up a competitive selling price.

Explanation about shipping charges:

The default shipper for the market place is Blue Dart Express Limited. However, a seller may appoint a shipper as per his will and wish in which case the responsibility of registering a pickup and monitoring the delivery shall rest on the seller. He shall have the responsibility of producing the proof of delivery to the marketplace operator for payment.  The table rates for the shipping charges shall be provided on approval of the seller's registration. 


How can I face the situation of return, replace and refund?


Your responsibility will be based on what type of Seller you are in the Marketplace. If you are depending on the drop shipper, the drop shipper will face the situation. If you have enough proof that you have packed and handed over the exact ordered product to the shipper, the shipper will face the situation. However, if the product is found damaged when it was opened, the cause of damage will be attributed to the packaging and refund has to be made by the Seller to the Buyer. (Refer Terms of Use)


How do I register as a Seller?


By filling up a form and following submission of documents and verification process.   




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